Suspension Components

The suspension is the part on your Honda that helps to support all of the weight of the vehicle and helps to keep your ride smooth. When parts of the suspension begin to wear out, your ability to control your vehicle can be affected and the performance of your vehicle as well. Wear and tear are something that happens to all parts of the car - including the suspension. Parts ranging from the shocks to the struts to the control arms can be impacted. The system as a whole helps to maximize the amount of friction between the surface of your road and the tires of your vehicle. This results in stability on the road and comfort. Over the years, the suspension system has improved and become sturdier. It does help to pay attention to some of the signs something might be wrong. Wheels can get knocked out of alignment from potholes or curbs, so it's important to check those often. Clunking or rattling can be symptoms of issues within the system as well. Of course, if you notice a difference in the handling of your car on the road, this is a major sign pointing you in the direction of getting the system checked. We sell OEM suspension components for Hondas here on our site!